Reenie Marx - Photo Art - Cards - Older

Along the Shore

Angel Falls

Beaver Pond Mirage

Crumbling Perceptions


Doors of San Marcos

Dragonfly on Lilypad

Fall on the Lilypond

Fall Totem Pole

Fern Fantasy

Four Faces

Just- One More

Karmic Roots

La Morada

Leaf Tree

Lotus Blossom

Mandarin Monet

Morning on the Beaver Pond


Orchid Man

Pod Face in sepia

Rock Pieta

Sapphire Sky

She Returns

Silver Trees

Snow Men

Sugar Frosted Leaves

The Birches

The Buckboard

The Chairs

The Giving Tree

The Meeting

The Piers


Up the River

Windsor Great Park


Easter Island Moss Men

Worn Rocks

Little Wild Things

Ice Aquarium

Spirit Tree

Bubble 2

Rock Swirls

Bubble Ice

Exposing the Roots

Fiery Dawn

Flowing Grass

Frog and Log

Heart Rock

Ice Cross

Incense Whorl

Prince Percival

School House Door

Shadows on Snow

Sitting Tree in Spring

Still Grass Moving Water

The Beaver Pond

The Green of Summer

Weed Silhouette